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Q: What is the price range of the wines that WINEPAIRINGS carry?

A: The bulk of  the selection we carry is priced between the low teens and the upper twenty dollar range per bottle. Our experience has shown that this is the range were we get most value in terms of quality for the money. These are the budget parameters agreeable to most of our customers, As well.  Sometimes we will be able to offer a comparable product at lower than budget or a superior product for a few extra dollars Ėif that is the case we will make you aware of such choices.  A word about wine pricing: Unlike most things in life where  there is a strong correlation between price and quality, In the wine business this relationship does not always hold true. There are several reasons for this unfortunate situation; amongst them are supply and demand as well as greed and the traditional marketing of wine as an image driven product. This is a topic on which much more can be debated, but for the scope of the information we are trying to present here we will sum it up simply as; More often then not the quality of wines we come across does not justify their price.  We spend a lot of our time trying to discover good wines for the money (itís a tuff job Ėbut someone has to do it!)Ėhopefully this is an area were as our customer you can benefit from that knowledge.

Q: I plan on offering Beer and Hard Liquor at my event, can you arrange for it ?

A: Yes we will be glad to, although it is not the core of our business, we will arrange for it on your behalf from one of  our sources at no additional charge.

Q: With all the other drink choices at my event, as well as multiple courses Ėhow much wine do I need?

A: Give us a call and we will gladly help you figure it out. Also see "WHAT WE DO" In the section Range of Services

Q: Why should I deal with WINEPAIRINGS if I can get my wine from a local retailer?

A: WINEPAIRINGS can offer expert advice in matching the right wines to your food, we offer knowledgeable service and unique selections, and make the whole process of ordering wines for your event personal and convenient. Since WINEPAIRINGS does not carry an inventory, we donít try to sell you product that needs to be moved. We make our suggestions based on your needs to assure the finest selections for your budget. For more information on the advantages of dealing with us please refer to the following page; Range of Services

Q: The large wine retailers use volume to assure the best prices. If I purchase wine from WINEPAIRINGS  is it a good deal?

A: The wine you purchase at most retailers has gone through a distribution system that supports several levels including importing and wholesale - in most cases it has to be sold from one level to the next. While volume assures low prices you still pay for all the handling the wine goes through.  Most of the wine we offer you at WINEPAIRINGS is imported directly (it still has to go through the distribution structure in order to meet all legal requirements, however the process gets streamlined resulting in lower distribution costs). This is how we can offer wine that is available in small quantities at competitive pricing. The degree of control and quality offered in the wine from these small producers is, in many cases, superior to some mass produced wines which are often priced at relatively higher levels to support marketing and advertising costs.

 Q: Since I cannot purchase your wines off the shelf at retail stores how do I know that itís any good? 

A: The only way to find out if you like a wine is to taste it for yourself.  We will gladly set up an appointment for you to try any wine we recommend prior to your purchase commitment, and are glad to offer alternatives. This is part of our service and is included at no charge to our paying customers.

Q: My caterer usually obtain my wines, can they deal with you?

A: Absolutely, by law Caterers are not allowed to carry a liquor license, if they offer to obtain wine on your behalf  itís usually done as a part of the extra service that they offer in order to obtain your business. We will be glad to co-ordinate your wine purchase through your Caterer once you instruct us to do so.

Q: My event is hosted at an establishment that has itís own liquor license, I asked them about bringing my own wines and they told me that itís Illegal for them to do so. How can I get WINEPAIRINGS  to supply the wine?

A: Establishments with a license to sell alcohol on premise are only allowed to purchase it from a licensed Wholesaler. We can arrange for the wine to be sold to the establishment from one of our affiliate Wholesalers. Please be aware that establishments with a liquor license often derive excellent profits from wine sales by doubling and sometimes even tripling the price of the wine (similar to  restaurants) as such they may  be reluctant to accept this type of arrangement.  One way to accommodate all the parties involved is to arrange for a ďCorking Fee" per bottle. Please contact us if you are in this type of situation, we can usually help to negotiate such a deal on your behalf,  especially if this is arranged prior to booking the facility.

For any other questions please utilize the  Contact Us  page.


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